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How You Sleep Can Impact How Well You Recover from Oral Surgery

Posted on 8/15/2018 by Celeste Tom
How You Sleep Can Impact How Well You Recover from Oral SurgeryHaving oral surgery is always uncomfortable and you will have to adjust your sleeping patterns to help with your recovery.

This is always hard for patients and many people report they don't get a good night's sleep for several days following the procedure.

Unfortunately, your sleeping patterns can be affected by any surgical intervention. It will take a few days to be able to sleep normally again.

If you are using prescription painkillers, they could help you get a few hours of sleep, but they could also have side effects that prevent you from sleeping well. It's important to sleep as much as possible if you are tired because you will have sleep disruptions at night.

What is the Best Position to Sleep in After Oral Surgery?

We ask that you sleep with your head elevated, immediately following oral surgery. Your head and shoulders should be positioned above the heart level. Many patients use a recliner the first day or two if they don't have enough pillows to prop their head up. This could be a comfortable place to sit during the day as well, since your activities will be limited, and you will feel tired and sleepy.

You can expect to be drowsy from the anesthesia for a few hours and after taking prescription medications for pain as well. You should continue to sleep with your head elevated until the bleeding has stopped and you begin to feel normal again.

Be prepared to stay in and relax right after oral surgery. You will feel sleepy and tired from the procedure so the best thing you can do is get rest when you feel like it. If you are having trouble sleeping or have any questions about your recovery don't hesitate to call the office any time. If after business hours, one of our surgeons will return the call as soon as possible.

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