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Sticky Foods Need to Be Avoided During Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 12/20/2017 by Celeste Tom
Oral Surgery Utah Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery UT 84057
Sticky foods are something that should be avoided once oral surgery is done. Not only that, but hard, crunchy and sharp foods are also some foods you want to stay away from when it comes to recovering from oral surgery.

Know some of the reasons why these foods are not recommended following oral surgery and why it would be best to stick with a diet that is made from soft, bland foods instead.

Refrain From Eating These Foods After Oral Surgery

As mentioned above, it is important to eat soft, bland foods that do not have to be chewed completely and that are easy to swallow. When sticky foods are eaten this can cause the stitches in the mouth to become stuck to the product and it can pull them out.

Not only that, but the clot in the area can also come with it. Protect the area as much as possible by not eating anything sticky once you have the oral surgery done.

Another consideration is that the mouth is delicate after the procedure so sharp, crunchy and hard to chew foods are not going to be something that you want to use. You want to make sure that you're going with something that is not going to stab into the areas that were worked on, since this can cause not only pain but also infection and problems in the wound site.

If you have further questions about what you can and cannot do after oral surgery, it is important to give our office a call to ask. We have dental professionals able to answer any and all questions you have regarding the oral surgery that was performed.

It is best to be informed about the procedure and the do's and don'ts to ensure that you are making the best decisions on what to do before you fully heal.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today.

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