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Bone Grafting

As a result of tooth extraction, traumatic injury or surgery for the removal of a jaw tumor or cyst, a defect in bone of the jaw can occur.  When such a defect exists, reconstruction with dental implants becomes problematic without restoring the normal bone volume in the area of concern.

A variety of techniques to re-establish normal bone volume are utilized in our practice.  These include particulate grafts of bone substitutes, combinations of bone substitutes and the patient’s own bone, grafts comprised solely of the patient’s own bone, distraction osteogenesis and utilization of bone morphogenetic protein.  Many of these bone restoration procedures can be performed in the office under IV sedation.


In some bone grafting procedures, platelet rich plasma is used as an adjunct in bone healing.  The addition of platelet rich plasma to a particulate bone graft seems to accelerate healing, decreases post surgery swelling and discomfort, and helps contain particulate bone grafts.

PRP is produced from a small volume of the patient’s blood, taken at the beginning of the grafting procedure.  The blood is placed in a centrifuge and the platelet component of the blood is isolated and concentrated.  This platelet concentrate is then added to the bone graft.  Use of PRP requires a little extra time and expense, and produces no negative side effects for the patient.

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